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How Roku OneView Helps Cross-Channel Advertisers Leverage More Data

Learn more about AI and streaming at Streaming Media East 2022.

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Chris Pfaff: Let's get to the ad side. Recently you launched an ad business in Mexico, and I dare say that given everything in,your environment that I would just see you being an incredible engine for CTV growth. But also talk about that expansion, and also talk about for those who don't know OneView and what that is in Roku.

Jessica Masters: So we're definitely focused on global. I will say my remit is the U.S. so I will keep thar focus here. We're in 56 million households. So that's an enormous reach. And we think about co-viewing and multiple people in a household that's over 150 million people. And for Roku and really the entire addressable streaming television landscape, it really goes back to the data. So we have a direct connection with our consumers that that provides us terministic first-party data. So we utilize that for targeting and such. Back in 2019, we acquired dataxu, which we've rebranded OneView. Automation and programmatic are really where we see the business and the marketplace going.

So we're really focused on that. And from a OneView perspective, historically, our customers have really only been able to leverage Roku data if they're buying Roku media direct from us. So that's our inventory within our network of site, of channels, or the Roku channel, which I'm sure we'll get into a little bit later in terms of AVOD or ad-supported free streaming. But now with OneView, we're able to allow our customers to leverage the Roku data, not just on Roku media, but as they start to expand and bring in other deals into the platform, they can apply Roku data to their Hulu deal, their Pluto deal, the Tubi deal. And not just streaming deals, as we think about cross channels, so historically streaming television OTT, whatever you call it in the living room has been a branding vehicle. We've seen television dollars move our way, but really where we see the future of this is how do we utilize retargeting based off of really smart deterministic data to drive lower-funnel outcomes down the funnel.

Chris Pfaff: Right. Because--and by the way, for those who don't know, you had just purchased dataxu I guess not too long ago. So you're looking cross-channel. And I think for those who are familiar with where Roku started, that's a really interesting way to build value across the whole sort of schema, if you will. What I think is interesting as well is that--and I know this isn't necessarily your purview--but it can't be denied that what Roku has achieved during the pandemic is just incredible, not just in terms of numbers, but also the launch of Roku Originals, the Roku Channel. It just keeps going from strength to strength.

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