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How OTT Users Choose Subscription Services

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Jeanne Sachs: We do research regularly, pretty much globally around user frustrations, viewing challenges, and user behavior. And this was a study that we did in 2021. It was actually a U.S.-Based study around streaming frustrations, and with so many streaming services available, what factors really are important to the end user when they're deciding to use one service versus another?

The stats are really interesting. Obviously, people really want it to be easy to use, big surprise there. People really care about buffering. This is something that is a big issue at Panthera. We are focused on this challenge as an organization. People say they want their videos to play seamlessly without buffering. That's 41%. They want it to be affordable. They want services, tech shows, and movies. That's 39%. Obviously, it's surprising that only 34% care that if they have a mobile app. They want discovery to be easy, and they want to be able to download their videos. So those are the stats around the factors that our research in the U.S. tells us are important to people when they're talking about what services they're going to subscribe to.

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