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How OTT Aggregators Can Best Serve Diaspora Communities

Due to their worldwide size, diaspora communities offer various unique opportunities for OTT aggregators and niche content streamers. Chris Pfaff, CEO of Chris Pfaff Tech Media, and Ellen Grogan, Director of Product Marketing, Media Industry at Brightcove, discuss the many possibilities for developing distinctive, high-quality content discovery and advertising delivery options.

"Global/local content for ex-pat communities has always been fascinating to me," says Pfaff. He mentions that international content has often been hit-or-miss with services such as DirectTV, which in his experience, has offered limited multilanguage programming compared to providers like Dish.

"Could you talk about what you're doing with Brightcove and how you're addressing some of those communities?" he asks Grogan.

Grogan first highlights the large numbers of these populations. “I just read recently that there are a hundred or two hundred million ex-pats at any time throughout the world, which someone said is the size of the fifth largest country,” she says.

Grogan states that ex-pat cord cutters may not want to be delivered a raft of bundled opportunities. Instead, they may prefer to have the option of picking and choosing niche content for a more personalized viewing experience. Another key advantage, she says, is that delivering content to ex-pat communities from their home country is an additional opportunity for people in their host countries and the host country's advertisers to target them on their platforms.

“If they're cord-cutting, maybe they’re not even on a TV, but they’re on their laptops or devices, so you can have really finely-targeted content to their demographic, to the type of community they’re from," Grogan says. She notes that ex-pats are in an unusual position to access streaming content that is not only from their home television stations via the web (where they can be fed local and pre-roll ads), but they are also well-positioned for highly specialized user experiences that zero in on very niche cultural content, such as Korean cooking.

Pfaff points out that at least one TV-connected device is now present in 67% of all U.S. homes. Due to this figure, he asks Grogan if there may be an increase in local OTT ad buys. “Is that part of the goal for what you’re doing?” he says.

“One of the phenomena that we've seen is that some linear advertisers are doing the cord cutting themselves,” Grogan says with a laugh. “They’re saying: I want to be a digital advertiser now! So I think that gives them even more opportunities.”

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