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How Is HBO Approaching Data Aggregation?

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Jason Thibeault: You would probably agree, coming from the Comcast world at one point, the broadcast world that, one of the real differences between streaming and traditional broadcast television is that you can collect so much more data and you can use it to reflect back on the experience, so, can you talk a little bit about what you guys have planned for sort of a, an approach to data.

Jason Press: This is one of the really great aspects of being part of the AT&T family. And so, AT&T has made some very strategic investments with Xandr. And Xandr is an important pillar, and part of the go-to-market strategy for how to essentially aggregate data in a private, privacy concerted way. And so, we will have, at AT&T, at large, 370 million consumer touchpoints.

And so, we will be able to take that data, in addition to the data that will come out of HBO Max, and aggregate that through a data-centric experience at Xandr. And then we'll be able to use that data to help us build upon a whole slew of things. So, we've already announced this, we are gonna come out with a VOD, and that will follow our SVOD offering.

And so, we'll be able to use the data that we'll have from that Xandr-aggregated world in a VOD model, but we'll also be able to use it to really help us mine and prioritize the amount of content and that's content that's really resonating across various, different platforms, including HBO Max, and other touchpoints that AT&T and the umbrella of AT&T has. And so data is a really important part of the strategy. And one that we are going to be working very heavily on, with kind of, HBO Max, and our sister entities, in this case, Xandr, and other parts of the business.

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