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How Can Roku Help OTT Content Providers Succeed?

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Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen: How can a platform like Roku help content providers succeed with the various business models?

Mike Gamboa: First off--and I think Mark can probably agree with me--OTT is really hard. And so I think discovery is probably the biggest challenge for any OTT service, regardless of your business model. That's one where Roku is really trying to build best-in-class tools to drive content discovery. From the moment a user purchases a device, we have discovery elements within the UI. We have banner ads, Featured Free search, and then we have the Roku channel, which is one of becoming one of our biggest drivers of engagement and discovery for content partners looking forward to the Rotten Tomatoes content there. So I think for each business model, what we've done is try to build best-in-class tools for SVOD services.

We have a one-click signup, which utilizes the credit card that's on file for a Roku user, your subscription management retargeting capabilities. So we can actually target a user with a banner ad on the homescreen for someone who has fallen out of the signup flow. If they try to sign up for HBO and, for one reason or another, decide not to continue that or complete that signup, we can retarget those users and help HBO acquire a sub on the platform. And then for AVOD services, we really help partners monetize their content. So we help bring demand. We enable access to third-party data or enable access to data. And then we have third-party integrations with measurement services like Nielsen and comScore to help our AVOD services really monetize that content. So ultimately, our view is it's a virtuous cycle where Roku has access to 40 million-plus households. We have discovery tools to enable partners to drive and build a massive audience, and tools to help them monetize that audience. So they can reinvest in the platform and continue to drive more users. So I would say it's definitely about helping in discovery and then monetization to help our partners succeed.

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