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How 2GTHR.co Leverages WebRTC for Live Concert Streaming

Learn more about live concert streaming and WebRTC at Streaming Media East 2022.

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Chris Pfaff: Mark, of course you're using for those who don't know, web RTC in a very novel way. What did you have to do to overcome the challenges to make that happen?

Marc DiLorenzo: For music livestreams, what we didn't wanna do was to just try to create a pale imitation of the concert experience. We wanted to use technology to create an experience that you can't have in the physical world, which is this interactivity with the artist, the ability to develop those ongoing relationships. But we also needed to have high-def audio and video so that the music performance part of these presentations could be done at the highest level of quality. So there were definitely a lot of hurdles to overcome in that respect, because WebRTC is something that people have used primarily for something like this, which is a conference call and speech. So having the ability to do it with a high-quality presentation streaming from the artist being able to do it without having the consumer or the artist having to download a separate piece of software to be able to do it within a browser or from a mobile device, with a native app making it simple for the artist and the users to reduce friction.

And it was kind of a big integration task because we're bringing together live streaming with this return path on the video, realtime messaging, cloud recording, and wrapping that all in a custom video player that can be delivered in any of these web or app environments. And so there was nothing out there off the shelf that would do that. And that's why we had to write custom code around that. But ultimately we felt WebRTC was the best underlying protocol possible to deliver the quality level that we needed if we wrote custom code around it.

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