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Gaming, Gambling, Security, and Latency

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Jeff Jacoby: Keeping this pattern on with gaming and esports and tournament play for purses for, because for whatever reason, it's that much more nervousness, Jef, what have you done in terms of protecting the product for your clients regarding gaming and esports with big purses?

Jef Kethley: Well, we have to do our due diligence on site. We're very adamant about watching, and we're very particular because, in our realm--especially professional tennis--it's been a challenge, because there's so much at stake on the betting side. We want to do our part. We make sure that all the data is moving as fast as possible. We make sure that our streams are as reliable as possible and also going out with the minimum amount of latency as possible. We're down to under four or five seconds in most applications. I can't go into particulars about what backhaul we're using because it's proprietary to my clients as such, but that is definitely something from the very beginning when we started down this path 9, 10 years ago, with working with gaming companies, that was a huge thing to worry about.

It's gotten better as technology has gotten better also. Ali, I would love to get more input on some of the ways to protect it because I see our streams go up and it's crazy how fast they show up on a Russian site. I will hear people say, "Hey, we're watching this and that's my graphics, that's my shot. I know where that is." It's there within a matter of minutes and it just baffles me that it is that rampant and they'll put their branding on top of it. And sometimes they'll just leave it just as we are, and they're doing it just for views or they're embedding it illegally to run their own bedding side off of it too.

So it is definitely a problem. We probably don't see it as much, like I said before, because the U.S. hasn't been that heavily involved as gaming and betting are overseas. But we definitely have to worry about this on an everyday basis when we're on tour.

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