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First Steps of Data Center-to-Cloud Migration

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Maxim Levkov: We were in a data center for a long time. I think that at a certain point the needs of our audience were growing faster than our infrastructure would facilitate. So we basically moved piece by piece over some period of time. So it's not disruptive. I think the key to it is just to keep it at a pace that it is not disrupting your business, and that's because you can't just say "Hey, I'm going to shut down the data center and turn it back on." You're just going to go piece by piece.

But when we moved from a data center--particularly our team, the video infrastructure team, but we have other content operations and many teams that service the audience--the video infrastructure team moved the transcoding piece. We started transcoding in-house. When you are in the data center, there are never enough boxes available, and when you move to the cloud, all of a sudden you have a lot of boxes available, but you're still under the same data center model. So we started rearchitecting, rethinking how we were gonna approach our our architecture. And that was the bulk of the effort.

Once we felt confident that everything was going through cloud pathways, we were fairly resilient. We started turning things off in the data center, and of course having a deadline helped. And then when we were in the cloud, we found our imagination was our limit. But we did find that there were some limitations to our thinking and we had to make adjustments as we went, and that gave us a lot of possibilities. And over following year, that enabled for us to serve a global audience.

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