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Dolby.io's Ryan Jespersen Talks Real-Time Video Delivery in Browser

Marc Franklin: We're on the show floor at Streaming Media West. I'm here with Ryan Jespersen of Dolby.io. Everybody knows Dolby from their audio innovation, but Ryan's gonna tell us a little bit more about their streaming services and platform.

Ryan Jespersen: Absolutely. So I was with a company called Millicast and we had pretty much found a way to solve the need to deliver real-time video in-browser. So, a replacement for RTMP end-to-end on the distribution side, and we'd built that around WebRTC. So we found a way to scale WebRTC be able to deliver a service that was available through a simple API or through our dashboard. And this allowed live streamers to now deliver those real-time use cases. Whether you are a broadcaster and you want to do broadcast-quality content delivered in browser, this is great for like live remote production workflows or big live streaming events or live sports betting. These are all places where Millicast was really solving the need, and Dolby.io has been investing in WebRTC workflows over the last few years. So it was a natural kind of acquisition for them to acquire us so they could add scalability to the WebRTC service.

Marc Franklin: Now for people who are not too familiar, is this is more of a software user interface or is this hardware?

Ryan Jespersen: This is purely software. Everything that we're doing, we pretty much built a WebRTC CDN. As opposed to creating an HTTP CDN for HLS or DASH, we did it with WebRTC. We own our own Origin Edge network and it's all purely software. Using our simple API, you can just have an ingest point, which could be an RTMP URL from your encoder or an SRT URL, and then you can distribute. We just give you a playback URL. That all is using native WebRTC and browser.

Marc Franklin: Thanks for spending some time with us and explaining about your services here. If you want to know more about Dolby's services, what's your website?

Ryan Jespersen: Dolby.io

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