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Disney+'s "Star Wars: The Mandalorian" and SVOD Piracy

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Mark Nakano: My job is to protect this stuff, right, to make sure that it doesn't get leaked, it doesn't get used in a way we don't want it to be used. So, one interesting thing that we've seen so far in security is that DRM is starting to actually become more like conditional-access. So DRM actually started out as protection for ebooks. Now they're protecting video, and the same ebook kind of concept doesn't really work for video anymore. So now we're starting to see this evolution into becoming more conditional access. Conditional access, if you don't know, has basically been used for 20 years to protect video.

Michael Jones: One of the things if you look at it, it's probably a little bit hard to see on the screen. But these are torrents of The Mandalorian. And so, you know, we have right at release and then plus 7 days. So, you can see the data a little bit better here ... so the charts, so the red are countries that Disney + does not feature, is not streaming. Yellow is future countries that they have announced. Green are countries where they actually have it, and so you have sort of, Canada, Netherlands, the U.S. is way down at the end, Spain, Chile, Croatia. But this kind of highlights you know, one of the challenges and ultimately when you're talking about on-demand, VOD, SVOD, it's easier to protect content and even so it's immediately a couple days later or one day later it's already on, it's already being pirated. Here's kind of the next, we have you know, this kind of show again where the launch is, so the yellow countries are coming November 19th. The issue—and in sports it's going to be even bigger because you have, your trying to do low latency a lot of, you know we talk about, you know, security which I'll hand it off to Mark again in a second—it's gonna be a even bigger issue because there's always a trade off.

Mark Nakano: So, basically for the Disney launch, for The Mandalorian, there's really not a lot they could of done except for launch worldwide, but as you can see just from launching in the few countries they launched in, they actually had a lot of problems. So if they did a worldwide launch, the problems would have been magnified even more. So really the only thing you can do in that situation is you can enable watermarking, To kind of trace where's this thing is leaking from. And what watermarking allows you to do-- it doesn't really prevent you from leaking but what it does is, if you can find all these places where its leaks, then when Mandalorian episode two comes out, hopefully you've shut down all those places already. So then there's less leakage and that's kind of what watermarking does.

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