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Channel Options for Content Delivery

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Jeff Allen: You've got some content. You're a content provider officially. Now, you've got a lot of options. I'm going to give us some categories, and let's all agree on some definitions of these things as we talk about them today, because there are a lot of acronyms, there are a lot of different options and terms thrown around. So it's important that we all agree about what we're talking about when we're talking about it. I threw linear up here, because we're ShortsTV and we are first and foremost, a linear channel distributing through what we call traditional television, where there's a schedule that is programmed and delivered to an audience at a certain time by radio waves, cable, or satellite. The example I put here is DirecTV, where you can find ShortsTV delivered by satellite.

When we talk about OTT--meaning over the top--we can use this term in a lot of ways, but usually it's used to talk about SVOD (subscription video on demand) AVOD (advertising-based video on demand). This is when a channel is offered directly to viewers via an application. This can be a web application, a mobile application, or digital media players, like your Roku device or your Amazon Firestick or a gaming console, or any sort of new, smart TV that's plugged in like a Samsung or Vizio TV.

Then there's what is also SVOD or Linear, but we're going to call Branded Area. And if anybody has a better term for this, I'm happy to put it up for debate, but these are the offerings that you get through prime video channels, where your channel is in sort of a walled garden and offered as an add-on channel within another channel ecosystem. The most popular is probably Amazon Prime Video channels.

And then, of course, all the rage right now is FAST, or Free Ad-Supported Television. This is streamed from a platform with an integrated dynamic ad insertion technology. Pluto TV, who has a representative on this panel, is a leader in this industry right now.

I through "Social" on here in quotes, because it is often forgotten about, but it really is part of the whole. And this is representing your channel through a smaller version of your channel through the normal platforms where video is being consumed. And it plays an important role, especially when you're trying to get discovered by getting your messaging out there to consumers.

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