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Best Practices for Cloud Migration

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Jeff Malkin: For the companies that we work with, large media and entertainment companies, the the benefits of migrating to a cloud operation are pretty obvious on a managing scale, managing global distribution dynamics, scale, and flexibility of adopting new features, etc. So it really comes down to the unexpected that will arise often and always.

So we tend to support companies that have very complex workflows, that include transcoding, adaptive repackaging, automated QC, dynamic advertising, insertion, DRM, et cetera. And along the way, they're going to be lots of different things that you didn't expect.

And I was thinking through before the call this morning, just a couple of examples that they might and I can share with that. But one that came to mind was, recently, we were helping a large media company in the U.S. launch a new broadcast content prep workflow. And as it was built and as we were sort of in the POC stage right before launch, the customer realized that they were receiving content from their various content partners, there were a lot of issues where the audio wasn't unified, there was no loudness difference. There were some audio channels that were muted. And and so they relied on us very quickly to build this set of new features that where we could actually detect that and then repair that. And because we were able to do that, they didn't have to go and reject a whole set of content that they would normally know they were going to have to if they hadn't either thought that through beforehand, which they didn't, or had an architecture or a partner that would be able to solve that. And just very recently as well, we have another streaming service provider--a monster--that is now launching internationally.

And as Maxim was just talking about, you now are dealing with audio and subtitles in different languages so that you want to maximize your audience. So rather than the customer wanting to have to reach, transcode, or repackage all of their content, which is 20-30,000 hours of content and growing for each different country and each different language. They asked us to build a set of features that allow us to take an intermediary format and then repackage from there with the different audio or different caption files or subtitle photos or whatnot. So really, it's about when planning this move and making this move, it's either designing yourself or working with vendors who have architectures in place that can quickly add new tools to meet these ever-changing, evolving requirements. Because you don't know you can't predict what those are coming into it, but they will appear and they appear often.

So I think that's really a critical component. And it really did, like I said earlier, a different mindset from working with shrinkwrap software, when there's a bug and you report that bug and they say, "Great, we'll add it to our product roadmap six months later, be available versus working with a cloud-based software as a service that turns it around in three days." And that that whole world has changed. And if you're a vendor out there, you need to be thinking of that, too. Because you need to be able to do that from a competitive perspective as well.

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