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Yahoo Builds a Global CDN; Microsoft Improves Zune Video

In an afternoon panel from the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City, two big names show how they overcame big problems.

"Complexity comes with scale," said Arjun Saksena, the lead project manager for the Yahoo Video Platform. Taking the first half of the hour, Saksena reminded the audience that Yahoo owns a CDN and showed how the company built it up to withstand even the most demanding days.

"The biggest event ever was the royal wedding. We hit 500K simultaneous streams. That was a huge success for us," said Saksena. "We hit the plans that we started three, four years ago where we said that we wanted to do a half-million concurrent users. We served all over the world; it was one of the biggest events that's been seen in the space."

For the second half of the hour, Mike Moreno, program manager for Zune Video, told how Microsoft has improved video streaming on the Xbox 360.

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Case Study: Challenges In Building The Yahoo! CDN

In August 2010, Yahoo! launched a new global CDN that could deliver its long tail and premium content. This presentation will detail how Yahoo! deploys video on its network and what its key architectural guidelines were. It will also discuss the company's decision to build versus outsource delivery to a third party and provide data on how successful the CDN has been to date.

Speaker: Arjun Saksena, Lead Product Manager, Yahoo! Video Platform

Case Study: Improving The User Experience For Zune Video

Whether you're delivering video to a PC or a TV, it is imperative to your service and the bottom line to understand the experience of the end user during video playback. In this presentation, Microsoft will show how they view anonymous user data from their Zune Video service on the Xbox 360 to improve service performance and increase the quality of the user experience.

Speaker: Mike Moreno, Program Manager, Zune Video

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