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Voting Now Open for 2010 Readers' Choice Awards

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Click here to vote in the 2010 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards.

We received more than 250 nominations for consideration for a 2010 Readers' Choice Award, and even after we sifted through and rejected a few that simply weren't appropriate (don't worry; in most cases, we just moved them to a more accurate category), we still have well over 200 nominees on this year's ballot.

As you might imagine, deciding on the categories for these awards is a task that is, if not Herculean, then at least Sisyphian; every time we think we've got categories that strike the right balance between inclusiveness and precision, someone throws us a curveball. But we err on the side of inclusiveness, which means that within categories, you might not always see an apples-to-apples comparison. The Mobile Video Platform category, for instance, includes both platforms that allow users to broadcast from their mobile phones and iPhone apps created by agencies and entertainment companies. So how can we possibly pit them against each other, you ask? Because the breadth and diversity of the nominations meant that we either had to expand the awards to dozens of categories (I'm aware of at least one awards program that has well over 100 categories) or reject nominations that were made in good faith and fall within broad definitions of the categories. And, as always, we leave it to the readers to be the final judges.

Now, it's time for you to vote. This isn't a Chicago election, though; we'll accept only one vote per category per voter, and it's fairly easy for us to determine which votes are coming from phony email addresses. (Note to "James Bond": We've got you figured out.)

Voting will be open until October 1, and we'll announce the top three vote-getters in each category on October 18. We'll announce the winners at a reception at Streaming Media West in Los Angeles on November 2, and in the December/January issue of Streaming Media magazine. And if you don't see a product or company that you think should be a nominee, send an email to readerschoice@streamingmedia.com.

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