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Vizio: To Succeed, Streaming Video Needs to Work With TV

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While online video has been making impressive strides, traditional television is by far the dominant way that most homes get their entertainment. As Aaron Dew, a product manager for Vizio, explained at the recent Streaming Media West conference in Los Angeles, understanding viewer behavior is key for device-makers.

"We look at consumer behavior, and we look at how consumers consume entertainment in the home," Dew said. "If you look across generations, across different age groups, still the overwhelming majority of content that gets consumed in the home by consumers is traditional TV. There's a huge behavioral pattern that consumers have. There may be other content that is getting consumed concurrently with live TV -- people are looking at their laptops, they're looking at their tablets -- but still overwhelmingly the TV is a real critical part, a real key part of how consumers consume media."

As the adage goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Vizio knows that to gain viewers, it has to work with traditional TV.

"As we're looking at Vizio's strategy, as we're looking at how we entice consumers to switch some of that behavior from focusing on traditional TV content delivery, from live TV or DVR, we're looking at how we can interface with that traditional behavior that they have," Dew said. "So, if consumers are watching live TV in our smart TVs, in our streaming players, we really want to overlay and interface with that content."

For more on Vizio's strategy, and Livestream's strategy, watch the presentation below.

DEVICE DEMOS: Vizio and Livestream

This session features new product demos from Vizio, showcasing its new $99 Co-Star streaming box, and Livestream, which demos its new $495 Livestream Broadcaster. See both of these devices in action and get your questions answered by company executives.

Speaker: Aaron Dew, Product Manager, Vizio
Speaker: Jeff Varnell, EVP, Business Development, Livestream

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