Tutorial: Advanced Live Streaming and Recording with the AJA HELO PLUS

Streaming engineer and strategist and Streaming Media The Video Doctor columnist Robert Reinhardt of VideoRx discusses some of his favorite features of the new AJA HELO Plus Advanced Streaming and Recording Appliance in this new tutorial video. A longtime user of the original HELO in his own professional live productions, discusses the new chassis design, new layout features for picture-in-picture and more, streaming to two destinations simultaneously, new SRT support, and more.


A New, Compact, Dual-Encoder Streaming Appliance

The new AJA HELO Plus is a compact streaming appliance that features both SDI and HDMI I/O and two on-board encoders that enable simultaneous H.264 streaming up to 1080p60 two two discrete streaming destinations, and recording to to the built-in SD card slot, an attached USB hard drive, or network storage.

The HELO Plus also boasts an array of Picture-in-Picture templates to make livestreamed presentations easy and visual appealing, and an innovative restreaming feature called PlayToStream (as an optional add-on).

What You’ll Learn in the Video

In the video, after a whirlwind tour of the HELO Plus chassis and I/O options, Reinhardt explores how easy it is to run the installer and get the HELO Plus configured for use and check for new firmware updates. Then he dives into the web UI and how to select a template for encoding specs and set up the HELO Plus’s two encoders to stream, and demonstrates how to set up streams to YouTube and other social streaming destinations. Reinhardt also explains how to enhance streaming security via the HELO Plus’s support for SRT (Secure Reliable Transport). 

Reinhardt also shows how easy it is to create PiP overlays and customize them to really make your live presentations pop, eliminating the need for a traditional streaming switcher.

Learn More About the AJA HELO Plus

The HELO Plus is available now for an MSRP of $1869 US. For more information about the AJA HELO Plus, visit aja.com/products/helo-plus.

[Editor's Note: This video and article are sponsored by AJA.]

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