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Telestream: How to Prepare Content for Multiscreen Delivery

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How complex is streaming to viewers nowadays? At the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Kevin Louden, product manager for Telestream, talked about the challenges content owners face.

"As you get closer to the viewer, the complexity grows exponentially. You've got a movie, and then a movie gets made into multiple distribution mezzanine files, and that's what goes to these guys," Louden said, referring to his fellow panelists. "And then, from that they're blowing that out even farther for iOS and for Android and for Flash and everything else: This is going to this country so it has this kind of subtitling, and this is going here and it's got this kind; this particular content is coming from this content provider and they're providing their metadata this way, and it needs to be translated to get to here."

The industry has grown past the level where companies will do the work in-house. Nowadays, preparing and transcoding content for multiscreen delivery means hiring the right people.

"As you get closer to the actual viewer, the amount of prep that you have to do grows wider and wider and wider," Louden continued. "Making sure you either have tools that can do that or have people who can do it for you is very important, because it gets very complex."

To hear more on content preparation, watch the full panel discussion below.


Content Preparation And Transcoding For Multiscreen Delivery

With the introduction of adaptive streaming formats, a growing number of IP-enabled streaming boxes, and the proliferation of handheld devices, content owners face increasing challenges for multi-screen content preparation. A key part of that content preparation is the encoding of content for each device, the algorithm choices/trade-offs, codec settings, and the particular requirements of various distribution platforms. This session will analyze the key components of file-based transcoding and will talk practically about converting content for multi-screen delivery.

Moderator: Tony Lapolito, Director of Product Management, Videoscape Distribution Suite, Cisco
Speaker: Idan Cohen, Co-Founder, CPO, Boxee
Speaker: Kevin Louden
, Product Manager, Telestream

Speaker: Jeff Malkin, President, Encoding.com
Speaker: Gonzalo de la Vega, CEO, NicePeopleAtWork

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