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Streaming Media West Panel Offers Tips for Enterprise Webcasts

What kinds of corporate events make the best webcasts? That was just one of the questions facing a panel on "Webcasting Tips and Tricks from the Enterprise," at the recent Streaming Media West conference in Los Angeles.

Oracle tackles a variety of types of webcasts, noted Tony Sehgal, that company's senior manager for digital media operations and infrastructure. Different types of webcasts require different technology.

"We do both internal and external webcasts. We have different networks that handle each type of event, depending on security required. Internal, obviously there's different security around that, different delivery mechanism, different player platform to do that," said Sehgal.

At Oracle, town halls are the webcasts most in-demand. Sehgal's team recently added viewer feedback to make them more interactive.

"The types of events we delivery internally are usually town halls -- the leader of a business unit disseminating information to a large group of people, one-way. Lately, we've added chat to ask a question to the mix. So there's a one-way communication, a viewer in the web audience can submit a question which we pass on to a producer who may pass that question on to the actual speaker/panelist, that they can get the feedback immediately during a live event," added Sehgal.

To pull in a big audience, even corporate webcasts benefit from star power. That typically means the CEO or president.

"Sales is a large organization that tends to have a regular webcast with us internally. We also do town halls which lately have become very popular by our president, Mark Hurd. He's a strong proponent of live webcasting, so we have a regular monthly town hall with him, which is the highest attendance that we get for an internal webcast, upwards of 5,000 people -- relatively small considering our organization has a little over 100,000, but 5,000 is a lot for our kinds of internal webcasts that we typically do," Sehgal added.

For more webcasting advice, including input from Cadence, Lockheed Martin, and Kaiser Permanente, watch the full video below:

Webcasting Tips and Tricks From the Enterprise

This session focuses on best practices from enterprise corporations which have adopted and implemented live video across their organization. See firsthand how these companies are using video for internal and external communications and learn how you can better leverage assets already available inside your company. Hear firsthand from those who have been successful with their deployments and learn what advice they have for others deploying live video in the enterprise today. 

Moderator: Patty Perkins, Team Leader, Wells Fargo Creative Services Technology, Wells Fargo

Speaker: Michael Chop, Senior IT Architect, Cadence

Speaker: Tony Sehgal, Sr. Manager, Digital Media Operations and Infrastructure, Oracle

Speaker: Eric Hards, Manager, Web, Media Graphics and Streaming, Lockheed Martin

Speaker: Larry Kless, Production Manager, Videoconferencing and Virtual Events, Kaiser Permanente

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