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Streaming Media East Teaches Enterprise Webcasting and VR: Video

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Tim Siglin: Hi, welcome back to Almost Live, here at Streaming Media East, 2016. I'm Tim Siglin and I've got Alison with me. Alison, if you'll introduce yourself.

Alison Victor: Hi, I'm Alison Victor from San Francisco.

Tim Siglin: You work for PayPal if I remember correctly?

Alison Victor: That's right. I am the Live Stream Producer.

Tim Siglin: So, this is your first time at the show?

Alison Victor: Yes.

Tim Siglin: What kinds of topics have you gone to sessions about?

Alison Victor: I've been looking at workflows, the end-to-end workflows behind firewall. It's been so wonderful meeting other people who are working at the same topic, the same materials, same problems.

Tim Siglin: For you, enterprise webcasting, you're finding other people who are in enterprise webcasting and having similar problems with delivering behind the firewall and outside the firewall?

Alison Victor: Yeah, so it served as a sanity check.

Tim Siglin: Sure, and I guess you know that we all face the same problem, so it's not like you're only having the issues that you might think, before coming here. You mentioned to me off camera that you went to a journalism session. What newspaper was that that you went for, to hear about?

Alison Victor: That was The Washington Post and that was absolutely fascinating. I found it just amazing, because their workflow—they took so many chances on different technology and found something that really worked for them and they made it intuitive for the end user so anybody can come in and start working with it. They're able to create—they can have the user generated content come in, in terms of GIFs, that would match a story. They could update that as the day progresses, and I've heard about so many vendors from them that I never knew existed. It was absolutely fascinating.

Tim Siglin: Very nice, and then on the other end of the spectrum, we've heard a lot about VR. You've gone to any VR sessions?

Alison Victor: Yes, this morning's keynote.

Tim Siglin: How was that?

Alison Victor: I was amazed. In less than an hour, he wrapped up the state of the state with VR, and it's come a long way in 20 years' time. For those who had given up on it 20 years ago, because it just kind of wasn't there, he was explaining why and then he showed the visuals of what it means to produce VR. What I learned also is that there's so much visual and audio information that has to happen in that production, that you need 16K.

Tim Siglin: Wow, and we're not even to 8K, yet, so it may be a little while before we get to full blown high-quality version. Did he give any hope for what we can do in the next couple years, while we're waiting to get to 16K?

Alison Victor: In fact, yes there was a discussion about some of the off-the-shelf products, some of the cameras that, let's say, GoPro has, and stringing them together and that we'll be playing with those cameras and that technology, a little bit. It'll be interesting to see what people play with. Right now, we're in a state of, "Wow, this is amazing," and 6 months' time, we might be like, "Oh, that wasn't so great." Now, everything's ... It's just wonderful to play with.

Tim Siglin: Well Alison, thank you very much for your time. Again, it's Tim Siglin, Almost Live, Steaming Media East 2016. We'll be right back.

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