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Second Life Gets . . . A Second Life

As a middleware solution, Origin’s Second Life system is built around its Odaptor Solution, which it released this week. That ASP middleware solution, now available as a service platform for those outside of Second Life, consists of four key elements: transformation, content management, user-generated content and mobile delivery.

Using a web-based interface, dubbed Odaptor, users can upload a file once, and convert files to multiple bit rates based on profile preferences or XML instruction set. Behind the scenes, the uploaded media is then routed to the best possible pre-defined scenario for the "transformation" (or transcoding); files and thumbnails are automatically created and distributed to the CDN of choice.

The content management system in the new Odaptor Solution manages multiple video and JPEG files as a group. Taking a pages from some desktop-based transcoding tools, the Odaptor content management system displays all transcoded files as a single asset, showing the multiple file extensions for cross reference and easy retrieval from their storage location.

One area Origin is moving into heavily is uploading, transcoding, and management of user-generated content. The Odaptor Solution, according to Origin’s press release, "provides an automated system for the management, approval and uploading of videos and photos in industry standard formats such as FLV, WM, QT, and JPEG." The system uses XML form post or HTTP upload to conform user content to the publishers or web producers specific standards.

The fourth and final area, mobile, isn’t yet used by Second Life, but Origin feels that a mobile solution is key to its new Odaptor Solution platform.

"Transcoding options such as 3GP and H.264," said Lorincz, "are designed to support mobile and broadband distribution, enabling content owners to broaden their digital media strategy and extend their reach to new devices such as the Apple iPhone."

So for those of you Second Life users out there who are waiting to purchase a high rise or plan a cruise, you might just start getting bombarded with video advertising over the next few weeks. If so, you know who’s to blame, and Original Digital is willing to take that blame as a nod toward the service they are providing Second Life users and content owners.

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