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Review: Grass Valley REV Pro

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Article Featured Image

Performance in Testing
We performed three tests using the REV Pro. It passed the first, a network test where we moved content from the REV Pro to another computer across a 100Mb Ethernet network, with ease—our 15GB file was transferred in approximately 27 minutes. The second test was a local test, moving a 5GB file in just under 9 minutes.

The third test was live capture, in which we used the REV Pro to capture content from a streaming media system. We attached the REV Pro to the NewTek TriCaster Pro and used it to record a concert that was also being streamed live on the internet. The REV Pro performed flawlessly for the three-hour concert, but space constraints on the media would lead us to consider a traditional hard drive for concerts that lasted longer than this, as our archival content almost completely filled the REV Pro cartridge.

Value Proposition
Regarding pricing, Grass Valley sells the drive in four flavors. Two internal versions, in SATA or ATAPI, sell for a suggested price of $479.95. Two external versions, either USB 2.0 or FireWire, sell for a suggested price of $499.95.

As expected, REV Pro cartridges sold by Grass Valley are more expensive than other non-Grass Valley REV cartridges, with the Grass Valley version selling for a suggested retail price of $675 for a pack of ten cartridges. This pricing will probably not impact sales, as broadcasters and others purchasing the Grass Valley version of the REV Pro are used to paying an equivalent amount for a tape that typically records only 30–60 minutes of SD video, where the REV Pro cartridge is capable of recording well over 120 minutes of equivalent SD video.

In summary, the drive and media both performed well, and have a sturdy, rugged feel. What’s more, the unit is quiet in operation, especially for an external device. As a medium for acquisition, editing, and playback, this newest Iomega mass-storage cartridge has potential, and Grass Valley has done a fine job augmenting Iomega’s product with its own brand of video hardware expertise.

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