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Pros and Cons of Running a Live Video Workflow in the Enterprise

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Working for a large corporation comes with benefits and drawbacks, and that applies equally to running a live video workflow. As Eric Hards, manager for enterprise digital media at Lockheed Martin, explained at the recent Streaming Media West conference, enterprise support comes with strings attached.

"I'm lucky enough to have an enterprise environment. So, I have all the support and data center that goes along with keeping the business running, and I can get to run my webcasting system on top of it," Hards said. "The downfall, of course, is I have to deal with the enterprise environment, so I have to get on a wait list to get support. The only real benefit I have is because when we do our internal webcasts inevitably it's for a high enough level that I can get people to do what I want them to do by dropping names."

Getting updates installed in an enterprise setting is also a special difficulty.

"The pro is I have all the benefits of an enterprise environment. The con is all the drawbacks of an enterprise environment. The other thing that we run across is things like software updates," Hards explained. "I have to go through many, many meetings and documentation and so on and so forth to get my system upgraded. In fact we're currently two revisions away from the current version because it takes so long to get those software updates in process."

For more on running a live video workflow on-premises or in the cloud, watch the discussion below.


On-Premises or in the Cloud: Choosing the Best Live Video Workflow

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Moderator: Chris Knowlton, Vice President and Streaming Industry Evangelist - Wowza Media Systems
Eric Hards, Manager, Enterprise Digital Media - Lockheed Martin
Casey Charvet, Technical Director - Tourgigs
Simon Ball, Global Head of Operations and Multimedia Delivery - Nasdaq OMX

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