Online Video Ad Buyers and Sellers Search for Results

A panel representing online video advertising buyers and sellers met at the recent Streaming Media West conference in Los Angeles to discuss issues that impact both their worlds, such as content, audience, and metrics. The session started by asking who's buying digital video ads and why?

"I think more brand advertisers are finding the value," said Julie Berger, vice president and managing director for digital at Horizon Media. "Depending on which brand you're talking to, many of them see it as an extension to their broadcast buy. Many see it as an efficient way to reach a particular audience, but then I think the even more advanced advertisers find a way and believe that the interactivity is incredibly important."

The questions of metrics -- which to use and how websites can use them to appeal to TV ad buyers -- is a hot topic on line video advertising. Which metrics have the most value?

"I think if you ask each individual advertiser, they're going to give you a different story," said Radek Zemel, senior product planner for rich media and video at Microsoft Advertising. He noted that agencies typically look for an angle that they can sell to advertisers, showing why their campaigns are more successful than their competitors' campaigns. "It's always a focus around a story that they can bring back to their advertiser, and a simple story. So a lot of times they'll go back to GRP or TRP [gross rating points and targeted rating points], because that's something an advertiser understands. That's a convenient kind of metric."

Zemel went on to explain that, while demographic targeting is a big concern right now, many advertisers target simply by where they buy their ads:

"I think an important way to think about the content side also is a lot of agencies use it as a proxy for targeting. That's how we think if it a lot of times. It's the same as doing demo targeting to a certain extent: because I know this site is skewed very heavily toward this demographic, therefore just by buying on that site I am indirectly targeting to that user base," said Zemel.

For more, scroll down to watch the entire discussion:

An Open Dialogue Between Video Ad Buyers and Sellers

This session is a frank discussion with ad video buyers and sellers about their perspectives on what's really working in the online video advertising industry. What matters more, content or audience? Is it one or the other, or does each approach present significant opportunities? Also, is video advertising still an industry of empty promises in regards to transparency? What specific expectations do buyers and sellers have around control, and how are they affecting the growth of their business?  

Moderator: Teg Grenager, Co-Founder, VP, Product, Adap.tv
Speaker: Julie Berger, VP, Managing Director, Digital, Horizon Media
Speaker: Brian Tu, VP, West Coast Sales, Break Media
Speaker: Kelly Winger, VP Ad Sales, Business Development, Directors Live
Speaker: Radek Zemel, Sr. Product Planner, Rich Media & Video, Microsoft Advertising

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