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New Products for Encoding and Delivering HTML5 Video

As online video has grown in popularity, it's also grown in complexity. Here's how Jeff Malkin, president of Encoding.com, described it at the recent Streaming Media East show in New York City:

"With the plethora of all these different devices on the market, with the complexities around HTML5, browsers versus plug-ins, and, frankly, the lack of standards across all these different formats, it's very, very challenging for content publishers just to put video out there and make it work," said Malkin.

Making it simple prompted the people at Encoding.com to create Vid.ly, an online hosting and encoding tool that outputs video to multiple formats and bitrates.

"A common theme that we've heard throughout the last two years, frankly, has been, 'Can you just take our source video and just make it work for everybody? Just make it work. It's not what we do - we don't have the resources in-house to manage the infrastructure. It's not what we want to do. Just do it.'"

To hear Malkin talk about Vid.ly, and to hear Thomas Vander Stichele of LiveTranscoding.com talk about his company, scroll down to watch the video below. Download Vander Stichele's presentation first.

New Products for Encoding and Delivering HTML5-Compatible Video

This session features presentations of new products that deliver video compatible with HTML5 devices and browsers. Vid.ly, a new service from Encoding.com, allows content owners to generate a short URL for each source video and Vid.ly automatically delivers the optimized video for the right device. LiveTranscoding.com showcases a new live transcoding service that provides multiple outputs in real-time from a single source stream. The cloud-based service enables companies of any size to move to HTML5-compatible live video by supporting output formats such as WebM, Ogg, and H.264.

Speaker: Jeff Malkin, President, Encoding.com
Speaker: Thomas Vander Stichele, Co-Founder and CTO, LiveTranscoding.com

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