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NHL: Online Video Personalization Is a Priority

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The NHL might be starting small in its online video efforts, but it's making sure it provides the best overall experience before expanding. Personalization is key to its efforts. Speaking at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, John Pacino, vice president of digital design and user experience for the NHL, explained his association's philosophy:

"At the NHL, personalization has been a big priority for us going forward, and taking use of the data that we're able to get from either fans consuming our content or the databots to specific games of a stream that are coming in," Pacino said. "We're looking at a different approach that what Sony is: we can't be on every device, but we're being smart with our resources and our experiences, and being on the right ones first and doing those experiences really well -- personalizing the content, personalizing the experience. So, if we know you're a fan of a favorite team, making sure that we're personalizing giving you content that you want to consume, that you're going to consume more, that you're going to increase your time spent viewing."

That personalization extends to advertising. The NHL harnesses the same data to provide richer opportunities for advertisers.

"It's also looking at that and seeing how we can turn that to advertisers. When you're on mobile devices, personalizing with your location and passing that off to advertisers to create some monetization around some of the other personalization data," Pacino added. "So, a big movement forward for us in trying to integrate across all of our devices and experiences."

To hear from the NHL, Dolby, Viacom, mDialog, and CBS Interactive on the future of online entertainment, watch the full discussion below.


The Future of Digital Entertainment in a Multiscreen World

In the last five years, the advent of an 'always-on, perpetually-connected' culture has fundamentally altered the face of media products. As this evolution accelerates, what will premium media products look like in 2018? With a panel extending across media domains – sports, broadcast, film, cable programming, and social platforms – we will explore the evolution of data-driven product and distribution strategy for marquis media brands, including insight on the operational challenges associated with realizing an application-driven future that actively responds to a direct connection with individual audience members.

Moderator: Andrew Grant, Sr. Manager, Online Services, Dolby
Speaker: Tony Petersen, VP, Digital Products, Viacom Media Networks
Speaker: Greg Philpott, CEO, mDialog
Speaker: Domenico DiMeglio
, VP, Distribution and Operations, CBS Interactive
Speaker: John Pacino, VP, Digital Design and User Experience, NHL

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