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Monetizing Over-the-Top (OTT) Video: A View from Both Sides

As over-the-top video takes prominence, the question becomes how best to make money from it. In a two-person discussion from Streaming Media East, Jonathan Hurd, the director of Altman Vilandrie & Company addressed the side of content owners, while John Clancy, the CEO of Azuki Systems, gave the service provider perspective.

"In thinking about monetization, a good place to start is with consumers who are paying either with their dollars or with their eyeballs for video," said Hurd. He then presented OTT research that showed that younger people are less likely to watch TV programs at their regular times and more likely to watch them online. While Hurd found cord-cutting to be a small phenomenon, he showed that younger people are more open to it.

Smaller pay TV companies have been more aggressive in offering streaming content, said Clancy, who noted that the major operators only offered TV Everywhere-type services as a defensive measure to "soothe the market."

"I don't think it's going to become popular until the MSOs can turn it into an offensive measure and find ways to drive revenue off of that," said Clancy.

Download Hurd's presentation here. Scroll down to view a video of the entire discussion.

Monetizing Over-The-Top Video: A View from Both Sides

Companies can choose from a variety of business models to monetize OTT video: video ads, subscriptions, pay-to-own-the list goes on. This presentation will consider the trade-offs faced by content owners and the pros and cons of content bundling vs. à la carte offerings. We'll also examine the issues from a service provider perspective, including opportunities to adapt offers by consumer segment, by content type (e.g. live sports, movies, TV shows), and across platforms including "TV Everywhere." Following the main presentation, Azuki Systems CEO John Clancy will join for a Q&A session to provide additional industry perspective.

Moderator: Jonathan Hurd, Director, Altman Vilandrie & Company
Speaker: John Clancy, CEO, Azuki Systems

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