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Mobile Use Is Changing Enterprise Video, Says Qumu

"There's a dramatic shift in the way enterprises are looking at video," said John Greenstein, vice president for enterprise sales at Qumu. He should know, as his company is focused on managing and delivering enterprise video.

The use cases for enterprise video used to pretty simple only a few years back, said Greenstein, as he was interviewed on the red carpet at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City. Those uses, however, have quickly become more complicated.

"What's changing right now -- where the enterprise pain point is -- is video is really starting to be considered as an enterprise-class communications system, and so it has to be as robust and scalable and flexible, or even more flexible, more robust, more scalable, than email, than your voice, any other data communication traffic," said Greenstein.

The use of mobile devices that support video has exploded in the enterprise space, and that has added layers of complexity for companies. Enterprise needs help getting video on devices, keeping the process secure, doing the work in-house, and working with CDNs so that their employees can see the videos no matter where they are.

"Solving that challenge, that's what we've been consuming ourselves with over the last 15 months or so," said Greenstein.

He also delivered some interesting facts about the best times for companies to release internal videos:

"Long form content in the enterprise, one recent study we did showed that people will watch it on Fridays, but not Wednesdays. Short form content, video snacking, Wednesday afternoon at one o'clock, one of our insurance companies found out, is the best time to get a message out," added Greenstein.

To see the entire interview, watch the video below.

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