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Leo Laporte, Adam Carolla Share Video Insights at NAB

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The hundreds of enthusiastic audience members in a ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel for last evening's "Broadcast Minds" panel at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference were dwarfed by an online audience of over 24,000. Considering the talent on display, it was no surprise: Leo Laporte of TWiT.tv and Adam Carolla of top podcast The Adam Carolla Show spoke about their experiences delivering professional video online with a NewTek TriCaster.

Joining them, and more than holding their own, were Steve Hellmuth of NBA Entertainment and Mark Fratto of St. John's University. StreamingMedia.com's editor, Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, moderated the evening and kept the personalities on track.

While the event was streamed live, the entire discussion has been archived and is presented below. Check it out: it's one of the funniest discussions of online video you're going to come across.

Scroll down to view the video.

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