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It's a Great Time to Be in the OTT Business, Says M-Go

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According to online movie service M-Go, OTT is the place to be. Speaking at the recent Streaming Media West conference in sunny Huntington Beach, California, Christophe Louvion, CTO for M-Go, said that the stats on streaming are impressive.

"It's a great time to be in the OTT business. I found some stats this morning, before coming here: 2009, Nielsen, over 99 percent of videos were on TVs, through the standard channels, and that was just four years ago. Today, you fast forward, on a given Friday night Netflix is 40 percent of traffic on the internet. That's only four years," Louvion said. "Things are changing extremely fast. You have binge watching, you have a plethora of devices coming out every day."

One of the reasons people are streaming more is that they're enjoying larger data pipes to their homes. U.S. bandwidth averages are increasing.

"Bandwidth in the U.S. is growing actually pretty fast. The U.S. is now the eighth country in the world for bandwidth. We just broke 7.5Mbps average per household," Louvion noted. "A lot of people have access, if not to FIOS, we have access to 30- to 60Mbps, and yes it changes the distribution of bandwidth. So, more and more people have access to a clean HD stream on more and more devices."

For more on the future of OTT services, watch the full discussion below.


OTT Services and Their Effect on the Bundled TV Model

Key industry trends such as the escalating cost of pay TV, changes in consumer behaviors, proliferation of mobile devices, and the surge in OTT subscription models, suggest that the industry's traditional bundled TV model could be tested during the next few years. This panel explores the current state of the market as consumers express clear preferences for free and ad-supported offerings and subscription VOD services. It also examines the increasing willingness of consumers to pay for quality differentiated online video services and the key elements they will most strongly demand.

Moderator: Mark London, VP, Ad Solutions, Fox Networks Group
Speaker: Chris Carey, VP, Product and Portfolio Solutions, Verizon Digital Media Services
Speaker: Christophe Louvion, CTO, M-GO
Speaker: Keith Zubchevich, Vice President, Market Development and Sales, Conviva

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