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Introducing Our Latest Site, OnlineVideo.net

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As online video has grown, matured, and become mainstream, so has its audience. What was once the domain of the cutting-edge few has now become so common that it's transformed how the world interacts with the web. Companies that never thought of using video now realize it's the best way to communicate with their customers, build their brands, and educate and inform stakeholders both inside and outside of their organizations.

With this new audience comes new challenges and new possibilities. People from all industries are looking to online video to take their businesses to the next level, but their interests and needs aren't the same as the video insiders that preceded them. Rather than codecs and CDNs, you want to talk strategy and useful real-world tips. You want to know how to pull in viewers, go viral, and give an inexpensive shoot some Madison Avenue polish.

Responding to this new audience is OnlineVideo.net. The same team that created StreamingMedia.com and StreamingMediaGlobal.com—sites that have become essential daily reads for the streaming video industry—is now offering its years of industry experience to everyone else trying to benefit from online video.

You'll continue to find the in-depth industry news and technical articles here on StreamingMedia.com and StreamingMediaGlobal.com; our commitment to serving our audience hasn't changed. But more and more, people for whom video isn't the focus of their jobs are finding the need to use video in their organizations, and OnlineVideo.net will help them do it right.

Your input is going to be crucial to this OnlineVideo.net's success. Submit your questions, suggestions, and challenges to us at , and we'll do our best to help.

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