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Integrating Social Media with the TriCaster 8000

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Online video producers know that a NewTek TriCaster lets them create a TV-like production experience from any studio, but now the TriCaster 8000 adds useful social media features, as well. At the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, attendees got a master class in TriCaster social media thanks to Victor Borachuck, director and executive producer with Jupiter Return.

"Social media, when you think about it, it's kind of a weird thing," Borachuck said. "It's one of those things where if you have a company or are doing streaming, it's the real easy low-hanging fruit to try to sound hip. 'We do social media and we put up a tweet,' or 'We can post to your Facebook,' but that typically doesn't push the needle very much because it's not very well thought out: it's like a random tweet here, a random this there."

What video creators need is a planned social media strategy, one that looks at the show's audience and understands how best to connect with them.

"How do you really nail social media?" Borachuck asked. "It's a combination of both technology -- and you're all here because we're talking about the TriCaster 8000 and all of the social media functionality that's built into it. So there's that end and that's the ability for everything, but then you also have the psychology of it and that's equally important. So you have kind of 50/50."

For much more on TriCaster 8000 social networking tools, including features that give the producer control over social feeds, watch Borachuck's presentation below.


Integrating Social Media Platforms With TriCaster

This presentation will show you how to boost your live streaming content strategy with integrated social media sharing using TriCaster. Learn how and why you should publish content directly to popular social media sites and how to manage your content appropriately for online sharing across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Hear how to apply the social media publishing strategy that best suits your live production workflow and determine which content to publish in order to create buzz.

Speaker: Victor Borachuck, Director, Executive Producer, Jupiter Return


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