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How to Use AWS to Create an End-to-End HLS Streaming Stack

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Two excellent speakers delivered a tag-team HLS presentation at the recent Streaming Media West conference. First, Nihar Bihani, senior product manager for Amazon CloudFront, talked about the backend for creating an end-to-end HSL streaming stack using Adobe Web Services. Next, Jeroen Wijering, founder and head of product for the JW Player, talked about what happens when that stream reaches viewers. He started off with some notes about player design.

"In a way, the media player is the hub for everything from content to user experience comes together. It's really the thing that makes or breaks your end-user experience. If it works great, everybody's happy. If one of the component does not work, then the entire setup breaks," Wijering said. "The video player can support all kinds of different of playback models just like the backend supports progressive, the older more persistent streaming protocols, or the newer HD adaptive streaming protocols."

Not only does the player need to support different playback models, it also needs to deliver a pleasant user experience.

"Why would you use a video player? There's the HTML5 video element that also solves the problems. But, it's not just about playback. It's not just about having that video in front of your viewer. It's also about having a great user experience and an effective way to do what the goal is of your video content, being that selling products [or] selling advertising," Wijering added. "There's a lot of things around that experience that need to happen."

For more on creating an HLS streaming stack, watch the presentation below.


HOW TO: Using AWS To Create An End-To-End HLS Streaming Stack

Come see how you can create an end-to-end production quality HLS streaming stack using the AWS ecosystem. Learn the best practices for ingesting, transcoding, packaging, delivering and playing back media on multiple devices using HLS. See how Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Amazon CloudFront and JW Player from Longtail video are used to build this workflow.

Speaker: Jeroen Wijering, Founder, Head of Product, JW Player
Speaker: Nihar Bihani, Senior Product Manager, Amazon CloudFront

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