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How to Select the Perfect Video Management System for Any Purpose

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Ready to take control of those video assets? At the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Theresa Regli, principle analyst and managing partner for the Real Story Group, explained how to start looking for a video management system.

"If you're going to deploy a video management system one of the most important things that you must do first is actually define what kind of video am I trying to manage," Regli began. "There are various variables that are really key in understanding when it comes to video management. One of them is the length of the video; one of them is the resolution of the video; one is the channels that you need to deploy to: Those are three big things."

Understanding how the video is going to be used is also crucial, as different systems exist for different purposes.

"What's the use case? There's a lot of different use cases when it comes to video, and some of them aren't even particularly specifically video," Regli said. "They might be sound purely. I like to make that distinction because there are specific technologies that are in fact video-oriented, but then there are some that are just radio-oriented."

There are even systems designed to update older video assets.

"There's very specific video management software products that are specifically for modernizing old media, so if you have things that are on old tape, or if you have things that are still on VHS or whatever it might be, there are companies that are specifically existing for converting that into some sort of modern video format and allowing you to monetize that," Regli said.

For more on choosing and deploying a system, watch the video below and download Regli's presentation.


How To: Deploying a Video Management System

This presentation will help attendees identify their unique requirements for an effective video management solution. We'll also look at what particular techniques are necessary to deliver high-impact, brand-enforcing messages with video and imagery in a multi-channel way. We'll look at the options facing buyers looking for new technology for video review, approval, and delivery on mobile devices. Get advice on how to get to a vendor short list, submitting brief and useful RFPs, what questions need to be asked, and other tips to ensure you choose the right solution.

Speaker: Theresa Regli, Principal Analyst and Managing Partner, Real Story Group

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