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How to Produce Multiple Assets from a Company Video

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It can be as simple as submitting the audio portion of a video to Apple or Google Podcasts. However, creators need to keep in mind that podcasts target a longer-format audience. Most audience members are looking for substance and not just a snackable piece of content.

To be truly successful in the saturated podcast world, publishers need to provide value to their audience. An engaging storytelling approach can lead to positive results. For example, a podcast presenter could take a combination of audio from existing videos and create a weekly or monthly recap of those with some added commentary.

With the long-format nature of podcasts, publishers have the chance to dive deeper into topics. The podcast version can include more extended interviews, more Q&A, and extended behind-the-scenes commentary with your video subjects.

Brands can use this platform for case studies with customers, news-style recaps of product announcements and can discuss customer frequently asked questions.

Tip 3: Outline the Distribution Plan

The final tip to consider is to make sure that a distribution plan for your video exists. While all of the ideas mentioned above can add to a video strategy, things can get messy when team members are not on the same page.

It is crucial to know the channels and platforms a company is considering publishing to, in those early stages of a video project. Not only does it align the video marketing goals, but it can also save a lot of budget during the video recording process.

For example, with the podcasting idea shared earlier, publishers can create those more extended versions for podcasts during the actual video shoot, rather than having to produce another asset later on. There are lots of examples of creators who are simultaneously creating video assets and podcasts (Figure 4, below).

Figure 4. StarTalk Podcast with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

During postproduction, creators can modify and tailor the content for all of the channels a company utilizes. Take a step back and look at your video process, run with some of the ideas shared here, and you will quickly discover that one video can produce multiple assets for your company.

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