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How to Choose a Corporate YouTube System for Any Company

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Several companies offer YouTube like video storage systems for enterprise video libraries, but what features are important, and how can companies choose the best system for them? Answering those questions and more was StreamingMedia.com contributor Jan Ozer at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City.

"Some companies provide corporate YouTube functionality as part of their greater online video platform offering, and some companies offer them as a standalone product," Ozer explained. "MediaPlatform offers a corporate or an enterprise YouTube called PrimeTime. Vidizmo has several YouTube-like products and the one for corporations is their EnterpriseTube. Kaltura and Qumu, they don't have a separate product category for corporate YouTube, but it's merely functionality that they enable or disable within their greater portal or their greater online video platform."

Appearances matter with a corporate YouTube. Employees spend time on the real YouTube often, as well as other social and video sites. An internal video system needs to operate in a similar way.

"We're going to get into why corporations are implementing corporate YouTube functionalities. It's kind of one of the ways they're trying to keep up with the expectations of their employee base. So, if you're employees are looking at YouTube, they're looking at Twitter, they're looking at all these social media sites everyday, you want an enterprise YouTube that presents a similar look and feel. You don't want it to look a little bit dated," Ozer said. "I think that's a critical decision differentiator between the various product offerings."

For more advice on choosing a corporate YouTube system, watch the video below and download Ozer's presentation.


Choosing a Corporate YouTube System

We’ve been hearing about corporate YouTubes for a while; or services that allow employees, partners and other stakeholder to upload video to a site with structured moderation and security. But how do these differ from a traditional online video platform and what features should you consider when choosing between different options? In this session, attendees will learn what a corporate YouTube is, hear about the most common use cases and see a demonstration of the content upload and moderation workflow for various solutions on the market. You’ll walk away knowing what a corporate YouTube is, why you might want one, and how to identify the differentiating  features of various systems.

Speaker: Jan Ozer, Principal, Doceo Publishing

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