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How DASH Helps Adobe Simplify and Reach Every Video Player

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Adobe is on board with DASH, and at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, attendees found out why. Reaching every video player can be a cumbersome mess that takes away from improving the video experience, said Kevin Streeter, senior architect for Adobe Primetime. DASH solves two central problems.

"Really, there's just two things that we need out of a streaming platform," Streeter said. "We want it to be as simple as possible for us to take video players that we've spent time building, testing, optimizing, and plug them into a publishing system and get content to those players. So, simplicity is just super crucial. But the other thing is it needs to be a platform, something that we can build on top of to do new things, to create new features, to add new capabilities, to make better viewer experiences."

While satisfying varying demands without DASH results in some complicated coding, DASH lets Adobe keep it simple.

"We see DASH as something that fulfills both of those things. Here's the problem that we're trying to solve," Streeter said. "We're trying to get to as many video players as possible, but add on top of that that we also as a technology vendor, we are trying to make that work with as many publishing systems as possible…MPEG-DASH can help us to clean that up."

To hear how Adobe, Hulu, Fraunhofer, and Ericsson are using DASH today, watch the video below.


DASH In The Real World: What You Can Deploy Today

This session examines commercial deployments of DASH based solutions across the spectrum of media delivery. Learn from operators why they made the decision to move to DASH, lessons learned in the practical implementation of DASH, and future plans around this format. Come find out what you can actually deliver using MPEG-DASH with existing products and services in market today.

Moderator: Iraj Sodagar, Principal Multimedia Architect, Microsoft
Speaker: Baptiste Coudurier, Principal Software Development Lead, Hulu
Speaker: Kevin Streeter, Senior Architect, Adobe Primetime
Speaker: Jan Nordmann, Director, Marketing and Business Development, Fraunhofer USA Digital Media Technologies
Speaker: Carl Furgusson, Head of Strategy, TV Compression, Ericsson

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