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HTML5 Video: Challenges Facing an Open-standards Web

Is there really an HTML5 video format war? Joe Inzerillo, senior vice president at MLB.com, doesn't think so.

"Saying that there's a codec war with WebM is sort of like the island of Sardinia declaring war against the U.S. They don't have planes or anybody using it or anything like that, so yeah, I guess they declared war, sure, but it's not actually happening," said Inzerillo. He was speaking on a Streaming Media East panel about Web video standards and HTML5.

"There's no question that right now HTML5, in the implementation on the playback side, is definitely much more limited than what you can do with Flash," he said.

The idea of a war seems absurd to him. Rather, this shakeout is just the way the process is supposed to happen.

"The last time I checked, HTML in general was in a standards body, so the war is part of the process," Inzerillo said. "So it seems sort of sensationalized when you see something like 'there's a war going on.' What's happening is the natural evolution of a committee trying to get to a standard."

To hear more about the challenges facing HTML5 video, watch the entire presentation below.

HTML5 and Web Video Standards

As video becomes increasingly important on the web, content providers, browser developers, and end-users can no longer afford to have the primary video delivery mechanisms locked up in standards that cannot be adapted to new environments. This is especially true for emerging trends such as mobile video and cross-device video technologies. HTML5 Video might be the answer, and we discuss what it is, the challenges it's facing, and how it affects other formats such as Flash and Silverlight, as well as how leading platforms and web giants such as Google, Mozilla, and Apple are supporting it.

Moderator: Tim Napoleon, Co-Founder, President, Alldigital
Speaker: Joe Inzerillo, SVP, MLB.com
Speaker: Erin Quist, VP, Publisher Solutions, EyeWonder
Speaker: Ben Rolling, VP, Development, AEG Digital Media
Speaker: Sy Choudhury, Director of Product Management, Web Technologies, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies

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