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HP Shows SpeedVideo CDN Technology at Content Delivery Summit

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Hewlett-Packard is heavily involved in helping telcos deliver content, so Nigel Upton, HP's director of innovation, communication, and media solutions stopped by the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City to show off its SpeedVideo CDN technology. Upton started with a brief history of HP's work in the space.

"For telcos, HP does a lot of business with very large operators," said Upton. "For us, it's about a $7 to 8 billion business a year. We've been doing it for a long time and we're heavily involved in things from the signaling side, from the network, through to OSS systems, BSS systems, and our belief is that the experience of any content, the operators will control this more and more."

Telcos missed the first wave of premium online video delivery, as well as the revenues that went with it, Upton noted, despite their networks being used to distribute the content. The second wave is here and they're determined not to make that mistake again.

"The second wave now of CDN and also machine-to-machine means the operators are going to be a lot more aggressive on monetizing their network and they can make or break the experience of any content coming to the end-user, as you know. You've seen here in the U.S., if you start downloading lots of videos, AT&T are going to start charging for you, and they're going to give you tiered pricing and they're going to control how much data you actually download," noted Upton.

To hear about the video distribution value chain and HP's SpeedVideo CDN technology, watch the full video below and download Upton's presentation.

Carrier-Grade CDN With Integrated Content Management

Nowadays, telcos are requested to deliver media content with a higher quality of experience and operate with greater flexibility so they can monetize content. This presentation will show how HP's SpeedVideo CDN technology allows telcos to deliver media and leverage content management to improve their quality of service without impacting their capex. Hear about customers' deployment of the solution and how they are getting carrier grade results.

Nigel Upton, Director of Innovation, Communication and Media Solutions, Hewlett-Packard
Andrea Fabrizi, CDN Solution Manager, Hewlett-Packard

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