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HBO, AOL Keynotes to be Webcast Live from Streaming Media East

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HTML 5, Real Helix, HBO Go, and AOL are just a few of the phrases you'll hear in conference sessions and on the exhibit hall floor during next week's Streaming Media East, held at the New York Hilton from May 10-11, 2011. There's still time to register, but if you can't make it to New York, don't fret: StreamingMedia.com will be webcasting the keynotes from HBO co-president Eric Kessler and AOL Video senior vice president Ran Harnevo. The HBO keynote is at 9 a.m. ET on Tuesday, May 10, and the AOL Video keynote is at 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday, May 11. Both will be live on the StreamingMedia.com home page, and then available for on-demand viewing soon after.

We'll also be posting videos from select conference sessions and Red Carpet Interviews with speakers and exhibitors during the event, beginning with the Content Delivery Summit on Monday. Those will also be posted on the StreamingMedia.com home page, as well as on our Streaming Media conference videos and Red Carpet interviews pages. Within two weeks after the show, we'll have the videos from all the conference sessions and Red Carpet interviews available for on-demand viewing.

Spotlight on HTML5

After years as a conference devoted exclusively to streaming, an additional track has been added to Streaming Media East to cover the wide-ranging topic of HTML 5. HTML5 has progressed to the point where it allows embedded audio and video tags, in much the same way as earlier versions of HTML allow JPEG or GIF still image tags to be embedded.

Confusion abounds on the topic of how best to use the dynamic and interactive features of HTML to supplement video streaming, so several of the Streaming Media East sessions will cover that important topic.

Topics for the HTML 5 conference track include sessions on encoding video for Apple iOS devices, which use the draft Pantos specification to receive segmented MPEG-4 content, as well as a session on standards and another one on how to build an HTML5 player.

Multi-Format Servers from Real and Wowza

RealNetworks will be onsite, exhibiting its Real Helix Universal Media Server. The company recently launched a new version, which is a 64-bit transcoding and server solution capable of simultaneous delivery of content to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android-based handsets, BlackBerry, Flash Players, Symbian OS and Silverlight clients.

Martin Schwarz, RealNetworks' area vice president of mobile/consumer devices and Helix will be on hand to continue the education process the company started several months ago, advocating for Helix's role as an "industrial-strength streaming media server" that fits well into government, carrier, and enterprise solutions.

Wowza Media will also be onsite, showcasing advances in the Wowza Media Server 3 architecture that we first reported on just prior to the National Association of Broadcasters show last month. The company's new tag line "any screen done right" will be emphasized as it rolls out the new plug-in architecture of Wowza Media Server 3 free of charge to existing Wowza Media Server 2 customers.

Keynotes from HBO and AOL Video

HBO co-president Eric Kessler will lead off the keynotes on Tuesday morning, showcasing the HBO Go iPad app, which Streaming Media editor Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen recently reviewed, including a series of images from the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, based on a book published by Streaming Media's parent company, Information Today.

Interest in HBO Go has been high, and while it's available to subscribers to most cable services, there are still a few major cable operators whose customers are chomping at the bit to get on-demand streaming access to HBO's wide-ranging and extensive content library.

"I feel like a kid with her face pressed against the candy store window," wrote blogger Kelly West at Cinemablend, "and my Time Warner subscription’s no good for all of the HBO Go goodies offered inside."

West went on to say that Time Warner Cable’s Director of Digital Communication Jeff Simmermon tweeted about Time Warner's "active negotiations" with HBO right now and noted that HBO Go "may even be the 'Netflix' of HBO shows in terms of available streaming content."

In addition to the HBO keynote, AOL will also be providing insight into its digital media strategy, as executive vice-president Ron Harnevo keynotes the Wednesday morning portion of the show. Both keynotes start at 9 AM ET.

Broadband Device Pavilion

Finally, the show will feature a Broadband Device Pavilion, in a nod to the over-the-top market's continued growth, both in terms of set-top boxes and internet-connected televisions.

The pavilion will feature more than twenty set-top boxes and tablets for hands-on testing of the devices as they display content from Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Apple, VUDU, Microsoft, Sony, Blockbuster, Amazon, Google TV, MLB.TV, ESPN and the NBA.

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