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Eyes on the Enterprise

These numbers reflect a clear trend, demonstrating how enterprise corporations are utilizing these technologies to inform, educate, and instruct both inside and outside their organizations. But don’t let these numbers fool you. Today, enterprises are using streaming media across all divisions. Even though webcasting and Web conferencing are growing the fastest, corporations are not by any stretch of the imagination using streaming technology exclusively for one-off communication events. Enterprise corporations are implementing streaming media along with their other core technologies, treating it as a real business communication tool in every vertical imaginable.

"Corporations who used to contact us to do just one-off events are now calling looking for ways to incorporate streaming media into every part of the business," says VitalStream’s Napoleon. And VitalStream, like any good service provider, responds to those corporations by tailoring their solutions—which range from video-on-demand to managed streaming servers to content encoding—to each customer’s specific needs. And lest you think that only large enterprises can benefit from streaming media, VitalStream’s experience shows that streaming’s ROI potential is as strong for organizations with 1,000 employees as it is for corporations with 100,000 on staff.

In the Business of Helping Your Business
The service providers and solution vendors in the StreamingMedia.com Enterprise white paper understand that streaming media is not your core business, but rather a complement to it, a tool to make it more effective and profitable. They’ve made it easy, affordable, and efficient to plan, test, and implement a streaming media strategy within your organization so you can spend your time focusing on your core business, not the technology. Streaming media should no longer be viewed as a new, cutting-edge technology but rather another business communications tool that enables you to do more with less.

Because streaming is now an established technology that’s a decade old, you no longer have to spend years and six figures to implement a streaming media-based solution that provides you with an immediate ROI. No matter what vertical industry you are in—financial, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and the list goes on—there are dozens of success stories within your field that showcase how companies have benefited from the use of streaming and digital media technologies and applications every day. VitalStream’s submission demonstrates the value of streaming media for advertising, branding, product launches, and training. But that’s not the whole story, of course. You’ll read how streaming solutions have helped enterprises improve communication with international employees, deliver safety and technical information to customers, and use rich media to get their message out in cost-effective, high-impact ways, to name just a few of the applications addressed in this white paper.

For companies who are new to streaming media and looking to implement systems quickly, cheaply and effectively, this Enterprise white paper will provide an understanding of some of the solutions available on the market, and their potential value to your organization. If you think that implementing these systems is extremely complicated or time-consuming, set those fears aside. The vendors on the following pages have years of experience working with enterprises like yours, and they strive to make streaming media adoption as painless as possible. Test the waters and apply a streaming media-based solution within one division of your company or for one business communication problem. You’ll soon see the benefits it provides. Streaming media is no longer some far-fetched dream, but rather a real, down-to-earth business communications tool, just like email and your fax machine.

With quick and affordable solutions on the market, reliable ways to measure your achievable ROI, and many examples of what has and has not worked over the past few years in the enterprise environment, there is no better time than now to show your boss, your organization, or your employees how to leverage this technology.

Streaming Media, Inc. and StreamingMedia.com are your indispensable sources for quality information, data, and analysis, giving you the tools you need to help you make your most important streaming business assessments. We hope this Enterprise white paper educates and informs you about what’s available today, and we look forward to helping you gain the knowledge you need to help you move your business forward.

If we can be of any assistance with your efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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