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Enterprise Video Streaming Saves Money—Here's the Proof

By communicating with video, enterprise organizations are saving money on travel costs, training, meetings, and more. In this panel discussion from the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, representatives from Harvard, Lockheed Martin, and Polycom offer first-hand examples.

But more than that, they've learned that video is leading to new discoveries and conversations. It's something they couldn't have planned on, but it's enhancing their work.

"The thing that's a lot harder to capture, and we certainly don't have a solution for it yet and I don't know that there is one that's quantitative, and that is measuring the process innovation that happens because people have these tools available," said Larry Bouthillier, media technology architect at Harvard. "When it's possible for people to publish their own media content one of the things that happens is you find people using it for stuff you never expected they would use it for."

"That's a very real effect and it's almost more cultural that it is technological, and it makes it hard to quantify," Bouthillier added.

Later in the discussion, Mike Newman, vice president and general manager of video content management and delivery at Polycom, spoke about the mindset shift he went through in leaning to loosen the controls on video and let more employees freely participate and contribute.

"Philosophically, it opened my mind a little bit to say, 'Maybe I'm a little too cynical. Maybe it isn't about empowering executives and middle management to preach outward.' It's about empowering people in the organization to decide who they're going to communicate with and how they're going to share that information," Newman said.

To view the entire eye-opening discussion, view the video below.

Cost Savings From Enterprise Streaming: How the Conversation Has Changed

Years of conclusive statistics show that streaming can offset travel costs, outsourced services and production costs, and the opportunity costs of removing employees from the office for meetings. But once you've proved the ROI and gotten your program going, the question becomes, "How do we know this is working?" This session features firsthand examples from Fortune 500 organizations that are using streaming to support core communications, training, and educational programs and employing metrics to prove cost savings and employee engagement.

Moderator: David Hsieh, VP, Emerging Technologies, Cisco
Speaker: Larry Bouthillier, Media Technology Architect, Harvard University
Speaker: Richard Banse, Manager, Creative Design & Content Development, IS&GS Media Services, Lockheed Martin
Speaker: Mike Newman, VP, GM, Video Content Management and Delivery, Polycom

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