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Duke's Campus Video Efforts Guided by Choice and Experimentation

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These are still the early days of online media, which is why Duke University is keeping video efforts open and flexible. At the recent Streaming Media West conference, Duke's senior media engineer, Todd Stabley, explained how a bold experiment in 2004 led to the creation of his university's online video systems.

"At Duke, we don't try to dictate what any individual schools or departments or programs use for a video strategy, and there are a variety of tools that are being used in different places," Stabley said. "But we did begin a concerted effort to centralize our services, really going back to 2004 which is the year that we handed out iPods to all the freshmen. It was an experimental program, and it really underscored the need to programmatically create academic content that the students could use on those devices."

Those iPods were the start for multiple video tools now widely used across the campus.

"That led to the creation of this program here called the Duke Digital Initiative, and that's an incubator project for a lot of innovative video-based projects for the curriculum. It led to the creation of the group that I'm a part of, which is called Media Technologies, a central service for Duke, and it led to these two services that I've been involved with: DukeCapture and DukeStream.

DukeCapture is a class recording service now in place in 94 Duke classrooms, which DukeStream is a self-service media publishing system.

To hear more about Duke's online video experimentation, watch the full video below and download the presentation.


Streaming Deployment Architectures in Higher Education

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Moderator: Chris Knowlton, Vice President and Streaming Industry Evangelist - Wowza Media Systems
Jonathan Schwartz, Digital Video Manager - USC Sol Price School of Public Policy
Ernest Gillis, Learning Resource Web Manager - Berklee College of Music
Todd Stabley, Senior Media Engineer - Duke University
Siddiq Siddiqui-Ali, Analyst - UC Riverside

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