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Demoing Google TV Version 2

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"The reality is, the way people are watching television and the number of options they have available to them, has really grown, which causes content fragmentation," said Shanna Prevé, business development lead for Google TV.

Prevé was speaking at the recent Streaming Media West conference in Los Angeles, where she demoed version 2.0 of the Google TV platform and explained Google's thinking in revising the platform.

The current viewer fragmentation is caused not just by the number of pay TV and online viewing options available, but also to the number of devices that can show broadcast and online video, Prevé said. The television market continues to grow.

What's changed is how people enjoy content. Often, nowadays, they're doing other things while they watch.

"We no longer have device monogamy," Prevé joked.

While television is still the center of the home, the viewer's interaction with it has changed.

What's created this situation is a perfect storm of factors, including a critical mass of broadband access, the maturity of the internet, and improved hardware.

"The Google TV platform gets labeled as a cord-cutting device or as a device that doesn't play well with the current content programmers and ecosystem, but the reality is we understand the power of the TV and how important it is," explained Prevé. "We have a lot of respect for the television, as well, and the emotions that the TV captures more than any other device in the household. There's something kind of magical about the device that's in your living room: not only is physically in the center of the living room, it's this device that just captures all of our imaginations. It's a great story-telling vehicle. And really, we see nothing but a bright future for this living room device."    

To view the entire session, scroll down:

Google TV Demo: The New World of Smart TVs

Like the smart phone before it, the smart TV will bring a new layer of functionality to your existing home entertainment experiences. In this session, executives from Google will examine the value the web will bring to TV, the opportunities for content providers and developers, and the common myths and misperceptions around smart TV.  Attendees will also see an overview of Google TV, including the latest developments on the platform, the killer apps, and what lies ahead.  

Speaker: Shanna Prevé, Business Development Lead, Google TV

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