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Cut Costs with Amazon Web Services and Azure Media Services

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In a helpful session at the recent Streaming Media West conference in Los Angeles, Chris Knowlton, vice president for product management at Wowza Media Systems, told a packed audience how they could save money and get better results with a cloud video solution. He focused on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Media Services, explaining the benefits of each. Knowlton started with an overview of how a cloud solution can simplify operations.

"The basic media workflow is going to include a bunch of things from end to end, Knowlton began. "Today, if you're typically doing some kind of streaming and either you've encoded some kind of content and created a file or you have a live camera, you're pushing through an encoder and going to a media server and then to a client. That's it at its simplest, purest form. That is a live streaming workflow we see there. That's pretty easy to do on your own. I could do that off of this laptop."

As a company's video efforts grow, however, that laptop isn't going to cut it.

"The trouble is when you start scaling out and you start having really large audiences or you try and handle different situations," Knowlton said. "As you go further down the line and start scaling out, you might start adding things like caching tiers or a CDN to handle scalability so you can reach a much larger audience."

Today's video landscape is fractured in both the formats used and the browsers and end-user devices that companies need to support. More and more, companies are choosing not to invest in on-premises solutions.

Looking to the cloud for video delivery offers multiple benefits, Knowlton explained:

  • Less expensive
  • Able to experiment with new concepts faster without a big upfront expense
  • Get to market faster
  • Scale out rapidly to meet a growing audience
  • Able to support fluctuating workloads
  • Reduce hardware maintenance costs.

For more on the benefits of cloud-based media delivery, watch the video below, and download Knowlton's presentation.

HOW-TO: Simplify Video Delivery and Slash Your Up- Front Costs By Using the Cloud

As you look for a unified, "any-screen" streaming media delivery solution, how can you reduce the complexity and cost while reaching more and more devices? Come learn about how to use the latest cloud offerings from Amazon and Microsoft to deliver live, on-demand, and time- shifted video and audio content to your end users, whether they are all in one region or spread across continents. If you already know the basics of streaming, join us in this session to see how to get started today with cloud-based media delivery.

Speaker: Chris Knowlton, VP, Product Management, Wowza Media Systems

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