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Cox Communications: How We're Enabling IP Delivery

Cox's strategy is to focus on three areas, said John Civiletto, executive director for video technology at Cox: broadening its services, transforming technology, and making improvements faster. Here's how Civiletto explained the changes taking place:

"From a service delivery side, we're doing a lot of things now that aim to broaden our service delivery. Whether it's more content, different types of content, a broader reach of applications and devices that we're targeting, a lot of things are going on in that space and certainly we'll be hearing more about that real soon.

"And then, lastly, how do we bring our services in a compelling way to consumers in the way they want to consume them. Maybe that's inside the home, maybe it's outside the home. But it's certainly expanding the reach of bringing our products there," said Civiletto.

These new offerings mean a seismic change in how cable companies do business.

"From a technology view, I think we're doing a lot of things. Cable's certainly got a history, perhaps, of not being the easiest platform to integrate with. So, from that perspective when we think about what we're doing with our platform there's a lot of things that we're doing about opening that up and being embracing of technologies that can help us innovate and move faster. You'll hear a lot of conversations today around DLNA and HTML5 and technologies that can enable us to change our platforms and evolve. These are all things that are growing out there in the Internet in open space, and we're embracing them as parts of our solution," said Civiletto.

To hear about how Cox is improving its pace of innovation, as well as case studies from Comcast and Time Warner Cable, watch the video below.

How the Cable Industry Is Changing the Way Video Is Delivered

Cable operators are pursuing a new market-based approach to enable IP delivery of cable TV services to consumer-owned equipment. This session explains the benefits for subscribers and CE equipment manufacturers new IP-based, in-home cable services and how market based solutions are providing cable content directly to an expanding range of consumer-owned equipment. Learn the role standards organizations play in the development of these platforms and the key technologies used to enable both the hybrid tru2way and direct IP solutions.

Moderator: David Broberg, VP, Consumer Video Technology, Cable Television Laboratories

Speaker: John Civiletto, Executive Director, Video Technology, Cox Communications

Speaker: Steve Reynolds, SVP, Comcast Cable

Speaker: Chris Cholas, Director of Subscriber Equipment, Time Warner Cable

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