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Although it’s been around for more than 10 years, streaming media technology has yet to achieve widespread adoption in the enterprise. Indeed, the words "streaming media" still may conjure up bad memories of time-consuming, costly, and complex processes that, in the end, produced poor-quality streams and an unpleasant end-user experience. Early streaming products, adapted from entertainment applications, were simply not suitable for enterprise use and organizations were forced to hire specialists to perform hours of pre- and post-production work before a presentation or lecture could be available on the Web.

Today, broad use and integration of streaming media as a vital component to online communications remains constrained by the limitations of first-generation tools, and the residual psychological barriers they created. In addition, despite improvements to supporting technologies and infrastructure, the creation of high-quality live and on-demand rich media presentations—audio and video synchronized with other visual content—is still a difficult, multi-step process without the right tools. Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite™ solves this problem by simplifying, automating, and speeding the way rich content is captured, recorded, and archived for re-use.

The Sonic Foundry Legacy
Mediasite builds on Sonic Foundry’s heritage as a rich media pioneer. For more than a decade, the Sonic Foundry name has been synonymous with practical, innovative rich media products for content creation, distribution, and management. Its PC-based sound and video creation and editing software programs provided a quantum leap in power and functionality, with no added complexity for the user.

Today, the company continues in its rich media leadership position with its growing line of Mediasite products for recording, streaming and archiving multimedia presentations, and videoconferences. Sonic Foundry products are different, because they are created differently—by listening to customer and market needs, and then creating powerful, practical product and service offerings that meet these needs precisely.

In the not-too-distant past, enterprise users who wanted to publish their presentations to the Web had two options: Use special authoring tools or hire a production services company. Now they have a third option: Mediasite.

Why Mediasite is Different
Through its unique real-time rich media engine that automates all of the complex processes typically associated with creating high-quality rich media content, Mediasite is changing the way organizations think about and use rich media. The result is a fast, convenient, and affordable way to broaden learning opportunities, maximize the sharing and understanding of information, increase communication frequency, and improve productivity.

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