Change Online Videos from Expenses to Revenue Sources

Creating revenue from online video, especially from advertising, has been the great obstacle of many content creators. While video advertisers are eager to buy spots on premium content, the vast majority of online video has been harder to monetize. Here's how Robert Schneider, manager of global operations for Media Innovation Group, described the situation in a Streaming Media East panel on video advertising:

"I think scale is an issue currently for advertisers, as far as online video is concerned. I think that demand, at least from what we see, outstrips supply in the premium category, so things increasing -- whether it's original content that qualifies as premium, or increasing the distribution of premium content -- are important, but then on the other side there's a lot of quote-unquote remnant -- or UGC or however you want to term it -- video content out there that's not really being monetized as effectively as it could be. And I think a lot of the advances in real-time bidded space and exchange space buying, audience-targeting arenas, can really help unlock a lot of that value," said Schneider.

To view the entire discussion, scroll down for the video.

Monetization and Video Advertising Formats

For all the buzz about online video advertising, most content owners have yet to be able to turn their online video from cost center to profit center. Still, strong signals suggest that video monetization is around the corner, provided content owners don't pull back in today's tight economy. What will it take to reach that tipping point, and what direct cost and revenue impact will it have on content owners? With all the different ads formats on the web today, which ones have the greatest ability to help content owners monetize content and why?

Moderator: Jamison Tilsner, Evangelist, Business Development, Kantar Video
Speaker: Robert Schneider, Manager, Global Operations, Media Innovation Group
Speaker: Matt Blasco, Director, Marketing Analytics & Insights, Euro RSCG
Speaker: David Kohl, EVP, Sales and Customer Operations, VEVO
Speaker: Seth Brickman, Sr. Business Manager, MSN/Bing Video, Microsoft

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