Case Study: Taste of Home Gets a Taste of Video

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But more importantly, here’s what the mix of ad inventory looks like:
—Created Content: TOH owns 100% of the inventory. Preroll, on-page, lower-third, and pop-over ads can be used.
—Collected Content: TOH controls on-page advertising, while the sites delivering the video control preroll and lower-third ads.
—Contributed Content: TOH owns 100% of the inventory. Preroll, on-page, lower-third, and pop-over ads can be used.

So looking down the road, the economics of mixing pro video with user-contributed, pro-curated video is clear. Publishers with an active and engaged user community can increase their video page views today with collected user-generated video, and then they can build a mix of collected and contributed content as more and more creators join the site.

The result is a site that uses the natural resources of the web while maintaining a quality level that provides visitors with a trusted source for content and advertisers with a safe space to market their products and services.

Aggregation, Curation, and Media Publishing
For publishers in the magazine world, the web has always been a complex conundrum. On one hand, readers are rapidly shifting to the web; on the other, the differences between print and web have created a gulf in revenue. But video changes that, creating TV-like opportunities for magazines that are rapidly trying to look more like cable TV channels.

As web video becomes more prevalent and the volume of web video continues to accelerate, finding prefiltered and trusted sources for video is becoming critically important. YouTube alone is encoding 13 hours of video each minute. At the same time, the unity of community and content creates an opportunity to evolve video beyond search, and the TOH case is a great example of that.

For the team at Magnify.net, the experience with TOH validates some of our key assumptions about how the roles of publishers, visitors, and advertisers are evolving and becoming more integrated in the emerging world of curated content. There’s no doubt that we’ll see the speed of innovation in the curation space heat up as more publishers embrace their role as aggregators.

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