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Can Bandwidth Keep Up with Over-the-Top (OTT) Video?

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Over-the-top television services are finding a welcome spot in homes across the country, but what kind of infrastructure do we need to keep up with the increased demand?

In a first-day discussion at Streaming Media East, a panel of industry insiders took on that question, highlighting the various technologies that are now working to address that need.

"Everybody needs to count on wireless being a omnipresent form of home networking in the future," asserted Predrag Filipovic, a senior analyst with The Diffusion Group.

But some saw MoCA (multimedia over coax) as being the front runner.

"Particularly for streaming, if streaming over-the-top service providers want to play in the same ballpark as the pay-TV service providers...they're going to need something more than a single wireless stream that works to one room and parts of the house," said Anton Monk, co-founder and vice president of technology for Entropic Communications.

View the entire discussion below.

Enhancing the OTT Experience
Consumers are using broadband-enabled TVs, Blu-ray players, OTT devices, and game consoles for services such as Netflix, VUDU, and Hulu. This has increased the demand for enough bandwidth to handle multiple streams of HD-quality video. But how is this demand being met? In this session, the technology partners that are delivering solutions to enhance the OTT experience will explore how the speed, bandwidth capability, and reliability of the MoCA (Multimedia over Coax) home networking standard are enabling service providers and original equipment manufacturers to maximize OTT services.

Moderator: Rob Calem, Freelance Journalist

Speaker: Predrag Filipovic, Senior Analyst, The Diffusion Group

Speaker: Anton Monk, Co-Founder, VP, Technology, Entropic Communications

Speaker: Jim Taylor, Chief Technologist, Rovi Corporation

Speaker: Lesley Kirchman, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, Actiontec Electronics

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