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CES Video Gadgets: A Photo Survey of the Highlights

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CES 2011 was a dazzling mix of hype, hope, and new technologies. While 3D TVs were a major theme of the show, that wasn't the only story in video.

Consumers can expect to see more online movie and TV streaming solutions this year, all hoping to compete with those already on the market. Connected TVs, which provide an app experience for downloading content, were also on display.

Video camera makers are creating more 3D consumer cameras, so that everyone can make their own Avatar. They'll need a 3D TV to show it, of course.

Back in the press room, journalists were wondering if 3D would catch on with consumers this year or if this was a lot of hot air for a technology few actually want. While the visuals are certainly impressive, no one was excited about wearing 3D glasses to watch television.


To show its evolution to a home streaming ecosystem, BitTorrent's partners at the Information and Communications Research Laboratories at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute built a media server into a mock Ming vase. It's not going into production, although we wish it would.


A look at the software that will control BitTorrent's upcoming home ecosystem. The colorful top row shows apps that deliver content to users. Downloaded content is listed below. When users click on a title, they can decide where to send it.


JVC's booth included a live look at what its 3D consumer video camera can do.


A close-up of the JVC GS-TD1 3D camera.


Panasonic seemed to have invested more in 3D home video than any other company at CES. Its booth offered the widest range of consumer and professional cameras, as well as 3D TVs. What were all these people looking at?


A wall of 3D TVs, of course.


Panasonic used this Avatar-themed sand sculpture to show off its 3D TVs.


Attendees could sample Skype on the Xbox 360 with Kinnect.

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